Dirty Roof?

Dirty Roof?

Safe, efficient & affordable roof cleaning services available in Lake Ronkonkoma, Smithtown, Commack, NY and surrounding areas.

The Clean Team will INSTANTLY improve the appearance of your home with a vibrant like new looking roof! Regardless the extent of staining on a roof our first-class technicians will leave you amazed with our roof cleaning results! Residential & Commercial roof cleaning services available in Lake Ronkonkoma, Commack, Smithtown, NY & surrounding areas!

Roof Cleaning can be done by many companies using similar applications and offering similar results. The difference maker between companies is THE PROCESS! The Clean Teams Roof Cleaning process has been developed with the highest level of care and attention to detail using ZERO PRESSURE! Our soft wash roof cleaning application is a proprietary blend that we have developed to assure the highest level of cleaning on the worst of stains. The Clean Teams technicians will survey each and every property upon arrival. The entire perimeter of each home will be rinsed down before, during and after our roof cleaning application to protect all landscaping from any over spray. We have two technicians to assure each property is being thoroughly rinsed which is key to protect surrounding landscape. Once our proprietary soft wash blend lands on your roof it will begin too immediately clean! The Clean Team guarantees to exceed your expectations not only with our results but with our professionalism and communication! Some roofs may require more than one application depending on the severity of stains. Once our technicians see our roof cleaning application has done its job, we will make our way around the property one more time rinsing all surfaces and landscape along with rinsing all down spouts to dilute any product that rinsed off the roof into the downspouts. Roof cleaning requires the right equipment, professional technicians and the right mix! Call a team you can trust!

3 reasons to clean your roof

Removing debris and gunk from your roof will save you time and money in the long run. You should clean your roof to:

  1. Increase its longevity
  2. Improve the appearance of your house
  3. Meet the standards set by your insurance company
Our roof cleaning services are backed by a prorated 5-year warranty, so you can rely on us for long-lasting results. Call us now at 631-202-7303 to schedule services.